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About GenomeDenmark


The main objective of GenomeDenmark is to establish a platform with research infrastructure to develop know-how, advance national coordination and create synergy within the field of genomics through broad cooperation across research fields and sectors.
     Furthermore, the platform is meant to demonstrate the utilization of large-scale sequencing data from biomolecular research, which is very relevant to diagnosis and the health care system of the future. Formål

Demonstration projects

The platform is established through two demonstration projects that focus on the potential of connecting genomics and diagnosis as well as clinical research.
     The projects focus on anti-cancer vaccines and the establishment of a Danish reference genome, respectively.
Partners in the demonstration projects
Cancer & Pathogen project
The Danish Reference Genome Project

GenomeDenmark - context

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The platform is managed by a Steering Committee and a platform coordinator and is supported by a general scientific committee and an Ethical Advisory Board. Each of the demonstration projects also has a project manager and a scientific committee of senior professors.
The organization of the platform
Platform management
The Ethical Advisory Board
Scientists associated with the demonstration projects


The platform’s contribution to research literature can be found here:
Example publications by the platform’s users
Publications from the platform