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The Danish Reference Genome Project


KU-BIO, KU-SUND, AU, DTU and BGI-Europe.
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What is a reference genome?
What is genomics?


  • To establish a high quality Danish reference genome.
  • To generate knowledge that can support the development of personalized treatment, based on genomic information, in the health care system.
  • To generate knowledge that can be applied to the Danish pharmaceutical and food industries.

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Project description

  • The project maps the genomes of 150 healthy Danes selected to represent the normal citizens in order to examine which variations can be observed in the Danish genetic material.
  • In this case, the definition of Danish descent is strictly a scientific prerequisite of the project, since the reference genome must be based on a homogeneous population. It should be clear that this definition is not an expression of a subjective opinion or evaluation of descent.
  • The joint genomic information from all donors will constitute a Danish reference genome of high quality. The reference will help to determine the structure and development history of the Danish genome and serve as a tool for research and development of genomics and public health.
  • Genomic references are important and fundamental tools because they facilitate analyses of individual patients and their genes, including how hereditary disorders arise. Genomic references also enhance less thorough genetic analytical methods that don't provide data from the entire genome.
  • In the future, it is expected that it will be possible to exploit genomic information generally in the healthcare system via large genomics data sets from many individuals consisting and new bioinformatics methods. Establishing a Danish reference genome is an important step in the development of a far more individualized diagnosing and treatment process.