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Tools and super computers

Aarhus University

The GenomeDenmark High Performance computer cluster at Aarhus University comprises 150 nodes connected with10GigE/Infiniband. Each node has 2 CPUs with 8 cores and either 64 GB, 128 GB or 1 TB of Ram.

Technical University of Denmark

The GenomeDenmark High Performance computer cluster at Technical University of Denmark is located at Centre for Biological Sequence Analysis and consists of 768 cores with a shared memory configured between 2 to 8 TB of Rams, aside from 512 cores in a separate cluster, each node having 8-32 GB of Ram. The total archive size is more than 0.75 PB and is connected through 10Gbit/s LAN.


In the BGI-Europe headquarters in Copenhagen, 10 Illumina HiSeq 2000 units are available to GenomeDenmark, and a much larger capacity can be accessed through the remaining BGI concern.