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Donors and research ethics

Donors and patient materials

Both demonstration projects depend on biological material from donors or patients. The Cancer&Pathogen project analyses cancer tissue for traces of pathogenic microorganisms, and The Danish Reference Genome Project sequences DNA from donated blood.
The platform: Access to human samples

Protecting personal information

Protecting identity and personal genetic information of donors is of utmost importance, such that research projects always ensure complete donor anonymity. To maintain full focus on security regarding donor rights, GenomeDenmark has implemented internal codes of ethics in addition to standard regulations.
Internal codes of ethics

Thank you, donors!

Access to donor and patient materials is indispensable in health research. Therefore, GenomeDenmark is very happy with the interest and good will that the donors have expressed through their support of the platform.

Ethical Advisory Board

GenomeDenmark has established an independent board consisting of five professors with a great deal of experience and competence within different aspects of research ethics, including philosophy, law, dissemination and technology. The board members are granted full access to the platform, and they may choose to take up cases on their own initiative.
Council of ethics

Ethical issues in genome research

Genomics research is making great progress these years, which leads to more ethical issues regarding the utilization of information deriving from genomics technologies. GenomeDenmark works actively with these subjects and questions. As an easy introduction to such ethical issues, we have gathered a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ).
Ethical FAQ