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The consortium

The consortium behind GenomeDenmark consists of four Danish universities (KU, AU, DTU and AAU), two hospitals (Herlev and Vendsyssel) and two private firms (Bavarian Nordic and BGI-Europe).
     The universities and hospitals primarily contribute with access to biobanks, application and development of preparatory methods and bioinformatics tools as well as translations of results for clinically relevant contexts. The firms contribute with access to their technologies as well as know-how regarding further development and market maturity of technologies and results.
Partner information

Scientists associated with GenomeDenmark

The principal investigators associated with the platform can be found via the link below. Aside from these, around 50 students, post docs, lectors and people with specific technical skills work on the platform.
Scientists associated with GenomeDenmark

Commercial use of results from the platform

An important objective for the Innovation Foundation’s tech platforms is to ensure growth in the long term in Danish industry. This is possible through transfer of knowledge or licensing of commercial rights from public partners to participating firms. Via the link below, more info can be found – also regarding some of the ethical issues that arise from public-private cooperation.
Commercial use of results from the platform

Steering Committee
The steering group of the platform photographed outside the European BGI headquarter at Tagensvej in Copenhagen.