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Partner info

University of Copenhagen
KU-logoThree units participate from the University of Copenhagen: Statens Naturhistoriske Museum (SCIENCE), Department of Biology (SCIENCE) og and The Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Basic Metabolic Research (HEALTH).
     The Natural History Museum of Denmark is conducting the general scientific project management for the Cancer&Pathogen project and develops new lab methods to enrich for and identify unknown pathogens as well as to design bioinformatics tools.
     The general scientific project management for the Danish Reference Genome project is carried out by the Department of Biology, which also takes part in the bioinformatics method development. The Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Basic Metabolic Research focuses primarily on the bioinformatics interpretation of project data on the Danish Reference Genome project and the clinical-genetic aspects.

Aarhus University
AU-logoScientists from the Department of Biomedicine especially the Bioinformatics Research Center are involved in the Danish Reference Genome project. They maintain one of the platform’s super computers and analyse sequencing data as well as conduct population genetic analyses.

Aalborg University
AAU-logo Scientists from the Department of Clinical Medicine in cooperation with Vendsyssel Hospital are involved in the Cancer&Pathogen project. Their main contribution is the validation and description of identified pathogens’ potential clinical importance with regards to cancer development.

Technical University of Denmark
DTU-logo At DTU-Systembiologi they handle the platform’s second super computer applied for both the Cancer&Pathogen as well as the Danish Reference Genome projects. The scientists here take part in the development of new bioinformatics tools to identify previously unknown microorganisms for the Cancer&Pathogen project as well as analyses of sequence information and interpretation of the Danish Reference Genome project data.

Herlev Hospital
HS-logo The hospital’s Gastro unit takes part in the Cancer&Pathogen project. The contribution especially concern clinical knowledge about cancer and cancer bioopsis via the National CancerBiobank

Vendsyssel Hospital
RN-logo From this hospital partakes scientists at Department of Clinical Research who take part in the Cancer&Pathogen project in cooperation with Aalborg University.

Bavarian Nordic
Bavarian-logo Aktieselskabet Bavarian Nordic deltager i Cancer& Patogen-projektet. Selskabet bidrager med sin vaccine- udviklingsplatform til de sene faser af Cancer&Patogen-projektet, således identificerede patogeners potentielle involvering i udviklingen af cancer kan dokumenteres i større skala og videre udvikling frem mod en vaccine muliggøres.

BGI-logo BGI-Europe is a part of the Chinese BGI Concern, one of the globally leading organisations within the field of genomics. BGI-Europe contributes to the Cancer&Pathogen as well as the Danish Reference Genome projects with a large sequencing facility in the European headquarters in Copenhagen. Besides, BGI partakes in the analysis of sequencing data.