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The vision of GenomeDenmark


The key vision of GenomeDenmark is to establish a Danish basis for large-scale sequencing and bioinformatics which will facilitate:

  1. genomics research at the highest international level and
  2. increased national coordination as well as synergy in the field of genomics through broad cooperation across research fields and sectors.

Danish strengths

Denmark is at the frontline in the field of genomics – and we’re in a position to utilize this forte in the field of health care research.
     Among our advantages are strong traditions in the field of Life Sciences and cooperation with leading, international scientists including BGI, one of the world’s largest actors in the field of sequencing and bioinformatics. Danish biobanks and epidemiological research maintains high standards, and the organization of health data is particularly developed. The organization of health data facilitates unique opportunities with regards to integration of data from individuals and records/studies from larger groups. Such coupling of data will lead to future utilization of personal genomic information and enable personalised treatments and medicines.

Future visions

GenomeDenmark strives for an even closer cooperation between the natural and medical sciences so that, in the future, Denmark will be among leading countries regarding the development of a health care system, which utilizes genomic information for personal diagnosis and treatment. GenomeDenmark have thus contributed to initiatives working towards coordinated, national projects, which includes every relevant party.
Paradigm shift in Danish health sciences

Genomics for patients

According to demographic analyses, the pressure on public health care systems will increase in the future. With regards to the future visions mentioned above, the question concerning the role of genomics remains to be answered. How big a part does genomics play in the design of our future healthcare system, taking the pressing challenges into consideration?
     Via the link below, examples can be read about how genetic as well as genomics research can advance diagnosing and treatment procedures regarding efficiency and cost.
Applying genomics in the health care system