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Remits for the Ethical Advisory Board

The Ethical Advisory Board is composed of
4-6 independent members selected by the GenomeDenmark project leaders/coordinators and approved by the GenomeDenmark Steering Group.
The Board is appointed through the duration of the project. At least two Board meetings shall be held annually, with the GenomeDenmark project coordinator (Esben Flindt) serving as secretary.
The Board refers to the Steering Group chairman (Thomas Bjørnholm) and the Genome Denmark project leaders (Eske Willerslev and Karsten Kristiansen).
The Board is an advisory body without executive, supervisory or regulatory powers on the GenomeDenmark project.

The Board is established to raise awareness and issue recommendations on ethical and societal concerns related to the GenomeDenmark project.
Upon inquiry from the project management the Board’s aims are:

  • to advise on the handling of project-aspects with specific ethical and societal implications
  • to advice in formulating strategies for addressing problems of an ethical and societal nature to the public

The Board may independently take initiatives concerning ethical and societal issues.